Twitter new feature to show crypto, stock prices in search results<br><br><br>

Twitter new feature to show crypto

Twitter new feature to show crypto, stock prices in search results

The microblogging and social networking service platform Twitter has now introduced a plug-in from the charting platform TradingView, where users can view cryptocurrency prices in search results.

The new feature was announced by Twitter on Dec 21, it’s an improved version of “$Cashtags.”

To generate the present time value of Bitcoin, Ether, other cryptos or stock,s and a price chart, the users only need to type it into the search bar. The search will also show a link to the trading app Robinhood.

The account users can observe that when they write a dollar sign in front of the symbol of a major stock exchange-traded fund or crypto in a Tweet and share it, the views can tap on a clickable link on the same and the link will take them to search results that will also show them graphs of those symbol prices.

In the last few years, Twitter already had various ties with the crypto industry; a new tipping feature was added in September 2021, during the time when Jack Dorsey was taking care of its management. After which, Elon Musk took over the social media giant, and he led the plans to invest $1.5 billion of Tesla’s balance sheet into bitcoin, of which most part has now been sold.

The company shares a Tweet, “In the coming weeks, we’ll refine the user experience and expand our coverage of symbols.”

Sometime after the announcement was made, Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Dec 22 retweeted the new feature announcement post. It said it is “one of many product improvements coming to financial Twitter.”

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