Sentiment Analysis on “The Ethereum Merge” <br><br>

Ethereum merge analysis

Sentiment Analysis on “The Ethereum Merge”


The shift of Ethereum from PoW to PoS has attracted a lot of news and since its announcement “The Merge” has been eyed by various investors in the crypto space. Various technical analysts have analyzed and predicted to the best of their skills, but one cannot look past the energy-efficient mechanism after the update.

The much-awaited event and all developments around the merge and crypto space have triggered many investors’ sentiments. Therefore, Peak Blockchain has brought you a detailed sentiment analysis on the Ethereum merge and how the sentiments might affect the market and future price of the top 4 cryptocurrencies. Various social media platform has been utilized to elicit the relevant data on Ethereum merge from the date of the merge (24th August 2022 to 16th September 2022). The data was then further cleaned and analyzed with the help of machine learning models.