Our Process


Step-by-step guidance from our Web 3.0 experts.

We work to understand the current business model, then look for different value propositions that we can help you fulfill via web 3.0 solutions.
  • Review the whole business and its revenue model
  • Look for potential areas to transform to web3 and ways to monetize it
  • Conduct research and market analysis for your business—for example, exploring the future of the industry, prevailing trends, how to utilize technology, and more aspects
  • Analyze multiple blockchains using various metrics to help unearth granular details that will influence chain selection decisions
We set out future objectives together, and define strategies for achieving them.
  • Create whitepapers, business models, tokenomics and/or NFTs
  • Select the blockchain or platforms according to your business needs
  • Determine development requirements, budgets and allocations
  • Develop a timeline and roadmap to complete the project
  • Define marketing strategies and materials
  • Conduct legal advisory and regulations as per the requirements
We deploy the plan according to your company’s capabilities, ensuring a smooth and easy transition to Web 3.0.
  • Collaborate with your existing development arm, or extend our development capabilities to help build the whole ecosystem for you
  • Comply with regulatory norms—we can provide a team of experts in accounting, financial modeling and several other areas
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