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Critical daily updates with our analysis on curated topics to boost your investment strategy.

Market Intelligence

A weekly recap of all the major market updates that will have an immediate impact on your investment decisions. The report will provide you with in-depth insights into various events taking place in the blockchain space and supply an analytical point of view. This report also includes cryptocurrency valuations based on multiple models, onchain analytics for various cryptocurrencies, venture capital deals, network upgrades, improvement plans, and their effects across blockchain, as well as the performance with advanced analytical data.

Trading Reports

A weekly look at potential Bitcoin price trends and its correlation to global markets. The Technical Analysis report includes Bitcoin, Altcoins, and other markets such as the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100 Technology sector, the US Dollar Index, Crude Oil Prices, and the US Bond markets. This will significantly assist you in making the right trading and investment decisions and will supplement your existing trading strategies.

Coin Analysis

Our analysts hand-pick the newly listed coins as investment opportunities. This report looks at the top 15 coins that were recently listed on the market. This includes 5 ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and 10 IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings), which will give you the opportunity to invest and help your money grow.