The newest cryptocurrencies you should check out<br><br>

new crypto coin analysis

The newest cryptocurrencies you should check out

New Coin Analysis

Investing in projects during their initial coin offering (ICO), initial exchange offering (IEO) or token distribution event (TDE) can be a lucrative opportunity.

Crypto launchpads are the platform that helps new entrepreneurs or blockchain-based initiatives launch their crypto projects and coins and outsources funding while offering their investors access to the early-stage token sale. The investors can utilize the platforms to identify the promising cryptocurrency venture at an early stage so that they can ripe the benefits of the initial stage, like lower stock prices, among others.​

Therefore, Peak Blockchain identified the upcoming IDOs, and ICOs for the ease of our investors.

Read our in-depth report to find out more about why these coins are worth investing in.

  • Humanode :
    • Sybil resistance at PoW and PoS has made the plutocracies at its very core, which has further resulted in the dominance of the mining cartels and miners’ oligopolies. Therefore, Humanode is created as a network based on secured bio-authorized nodes, which are equal in terms of voting power and validation bringing equality between peers in decentralized networks. In simple terms, it is the first human-based verification layer to utilize its goal of one human=one node=one vote.
  • Meta Warrior
    • Meta Warriors is a play-to-earn, third-person zombie shooting game. It’s integrated with Gamos Protocol which is zero gas fee and proof of stake blockchain. It has a gamos wallet where users can register with an email. Meta Warrior has 3D NFT characters that gamers can play within the game.
  • Fragmint
    • Fragmint is an NFT Platform with a Twist. It uses the best of DAO, DeFI, and a new innovative way to fractionalize the art so more than one participant can own pieces of it. Our fractionalizing model is doing it using Non-fungible tokens rather than fungible ones.
  • Epic War
    • Epic War is a 3D blockchain cinematic game that is free-to-play-to-earn. It is a multiplayer real-time strategy game and social network based on blockchain technology that integrates the Virtual World and Real-world.
  • Engines of Fury
    • Engine of Fury tries to handle the issue of games being repetitive, unimpressive, and boring by creating an engaging and addictive game that keeps its players as a priority. It is the first PVE/PVP arena battler metaverse with staked fights in a jaw-dropping 3D world.
  • Codyfight
    • Codyfight is a blockchain-based competitive multiplayer AI vs. Human game that integrates a turn-based strategy that can be compared to chess. It aims to become the space or platform for the bravest gamer or individual who can compete with AI algorithms by defeating them in battles.
  • Omnia Protocol
    • For anyone who is seeking to earn through hosting and maintaining the node of a specific blockchain, Omnia Protocol is the right place. It is the decentralized infrastructure protocol to have access to the blockchain without risk so that any blockchain application or wallet integrated with it can be used without interruption.
  • Aftermath Island
    • Aftermath Islands is a blockchain-based blended reality (consisting of aspects of augmented, virtual and extended reality) interactive platform, consisting of theme-based islands, communities, and estates.