Netherlands seems to be the most metaverse-ready country <br><br><br>

Metaverse in netherland

Netherlands seems to be the most metaverse-ready country

Metaverse and digital reality experiences are fast approaching us. Some people are yet to explore them; some are ready to live with them. A few countries are ready to adapt to the new world of Web3 and Metaverse.

An internet and telephone service researcher from Uswitch studied the country’s capacity to adapt to the metaverse based on the data collected from the country’s average blockchain financial startups, fixed broadband speed, broadband package prices, and the prices of exported advanced tech goods.  

According to the research findings, the country with the most hospitable conditions is the Netherlands. With the highest average fixed broadband speed of 106.51Mbps, the country produced high-technology exports of roughly around $6000 per capita last year.  The number of consumers interested in Metaverse in the Netherlands is also the highest. 

Switzerland follows the Netherlands on the list, then follows Lithuania, Malta, and France.  All these countries’ consumers have shown greater interest in Web3 technology, where Malta has already remained one of the longtime known blockchain and crypto hubs.

After these five nations, the United Kingdom stood at 7th place in the list, and the United States took 12th position. These two countries are two great players in the development of metaverse space.

Metaverse and blockchain have been continuously growing despite the current spiraling down of the crypto industry.

A few days ago, Animoca Brands, a game software company and venture capital company based in Hing-Kong, announced investing billion dollars in Metaverse’s development fund and will put most of its stakes in a new music metaverse gaming platform.

Even the world’s most significant platform, Meta, has started to focus on building its metaverse technology, despite receiving criticism and even after heavy losses in the technology.

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