More Announcements Awaited on CBDC: teased Ripple Advisors<br><br><br>


More Announcements Awaited on CBDC: teased Ripple Advisors

Ripple soon may unveil few positive developments in its revolutionary CDBC pilot program, hinted by Ripple CBDC advisor Antony Welfare.

Famous crypto influencer Sentosumosaba takes Twitter to shares Ripples engagement in various CBDC pilot program in Bhutan and Palau. Responding to Sentosumosaba’s post, Ripple senior advisor Welfare, who also handles the CBDC Europe an global partnership, hinted towards “more CBDC announcements in the coming few weeks”.

Ripples engagement

The company has been actively engaged in the development of the central bank digital currencies, since piloting its project on private version of the XLRP ledger in March 2021, that provide the platforms to the central banks to securely issue CBDCs.

To continue its engagement and mark its presence in CBDC space, Ripple was identified as one of the participants of “Technical Sandbox Program” that was launched by Digital Dollar Project, a US based digital think tank. The Project aimed at exploring the potential technical and business ramification of a CBDC in United States. Ripple, further, has joined hands as supporting partner with Digital Euro Association, European think tank to catalyze the pace of development and growth of the CBDCs and Digital Euro.

Ripple has been working on its CBDC project since very long and since then has been making efforts to secure its position and spread its network within space therefore, last year in September 2021 Ripple lab announced its partnership with Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan to initiate CBDC in the South-central Asia Kingdom to issue and manage the digital ngultrum that aimed at improving cross border payments.

Immediately after two months, company established a partnership with the Republic of Palau to support Pacific Island to create its own climate friendly digital currency.

To promote CBDC based ecosystem company launched its first online CBDC hackathon “Ripple CBDC Innovate”. The hackathon witnessed the participation of 483 participants to build CBDC based application that either makes its user friendly, improves interoperability of the CBDCs or to bring banking to untapped population. According to CBDC innovative website, the finalist of the first stage will likely to be announced on 8th September, who will be qualified for second round of the competition.

Sentiment Analysis:

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