Ethereum staking rewards breakdown, SWIFT partners with Chainlink.. <BR>

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Ethereum staking rewards breakdown, SWIFT partners with Chainlink..

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  • GPUs journey from Premium to Discount: The industry is facing a massive backlash due to continuous drops in consumer demand and rising stockpiles.
  • Ethereum staking rewards breakdown: Ethereum has successfully migrated to the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism from Proof of Work, making it a validator secured network from miners secured network.
  • EPNS rebrands into Push Protocol: EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service) is a push notification service that enables any dapps or users to send out notifications to its subscriber when specific preset on-chain activity happens.
  • A decline in ETNs/ETFs Products: Amid the current bear market and poor sentiment across all assets and products, September proved more difficult for the Ethereum digital asset products.
  • SWIFT partners with Chainlink: SWIFT has partnered with crypto data provider/oracle Chainlink for an initial proof of concept to use cross-chain interoperability protocol (CCIP) for on-chain token transfers.
  • Venture Capital Deals