Dominica Govt signs an agreement with Tron <BR><BR><BR><BR>

Tron in Dominican Republic

Dominica Govt signs an agreement with Tron

The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica entered into an agreement with a global blockchain platform, Tron, following the passage of the Virtual Assent Business legislation in May 2022.  

The statement was released from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s office, The Dominican government called it a historic step and informed that this initiative will help in accelerating the economic growth of the country. Also, it will be the one dedicated blockchain infrastructure for the nation.

“Dominica is committed to building a more inclusive and diversified economy with the help of new technologies. The open and cost-effective nature of the TRON blockchain infrastructure will play a vital role in better integrating Small Island Developing States like Dominica into the global economy in the future,” said Roosevelt Skerrit.

Highlighting the significance of the step, the statement of the government of Dominica reads, “This is a historic step for Dominica in its drive to enhance economic growth by embracing digital innovation and appointing TRON protocol as its designated national blockchain infrastructure.” 

Focusing on the importance of new technologies and innovation, Roosevelt Skerrit pointed out that “The government always worked to enhance the economy with the help of new technologies,” stressed the Prime Minister of Dominica. “

TRON has obtained the government’s endorsement to issue Dominica Coin (“DMC”), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote Dominica’s global fanfare for its natural heritage and tourism attractions.

In recent days, the government of Dominica has been working towards and has achieved various milestones in the development of the country. Dominica is on its path to becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation, promoting eco-tourism and reaching a certain level of sustainable development.