Bitquery secures its seed funding <BR><BR><BR>

bitquery seed funding

Bitquery secures its seed funding


Bitquery provides software products that parse, index, and store blockchain data. Bitquery offers products that can be used for market analytics of projects and industry trends in different blockchain systems. The Bitquery tools can also be used for investigating the flow of money in the blockchain. Using Bitquery, data can be obtained for DEX trading, Defi protocols, and Scientific Research. The product suite includes APIs such as the Coin path API which is a set of money tracing APIs that is based on sophisticated algorithms that help in showing the flow of money.

Coinpath is used by blockchain investigating and compliance solutions. Digital Assets API is a product offering indexed information on cryptocurrencies and tokens. It provides information on the native coins as well as tokens built on other smart contract blockchains. The product is ideal for exchanges, financial institutions, law firms, data forensics, etc. Bitquery’s DEX API provides real-time trades for multiple DEX protocols. It can be used for charting DEX trade data, analytics, and finding arbitrage opportunities.

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