BITGERT(BRISE) a Zero gas fee Blockchain emerges as a biggest threat to Solana and Cardano


BITGERT(BRISE) a Zero gas fee Blockchain emerges as a biggest threat to Solana and Cardano

The quick speed of delivering the roadmaps in the crypto market makes the Bitgert (BRISE) stand out in the crypto space and making it a hard to win competitor. In continuation with its flawless delivery of products BITGRET launched the Bitgert BRC 20 chain, a Zero gas fee blockchain. Being just a year old in the industry, the mere announcement of launch of zero gas fee blockchain then, created a buzz in the crypto space and now with its delivery Bitgret has hold a dominant position within the market.

The USP of the BITGERT’s zero gas fee blockchain is that it addressed all the limitation of the SOLANA and CARDANO, more specifically, the issue of the expensive gas fees. One of the major issues faced by the SOLANA and CARDANO chains was the expensive gas fees. SOLANA charged $0.00025 while CARDANO charged $0.4 per transaction respectively. The Bitgert chain has successfully brought down the gas fees to $0.00000001 which makes it approximately 100 times cheaper than SOLANA and CARDANO. Further, the higher speed of the Bitgert 100+ TPS make it one of the cheaper and fastest chain in the space.

Current TPS  100000650001000
Transaction fees  $$0.00000001$0.00025$0.4
Market Cap   $329.45M$ 11.49B$16.9B

Source: Coincodex

These heroic features of the Bitgert have immensely contributed to the fast-growing Bitgret blockchain utility. The team is now focusing on launching various products and projects like bridges that have already added a lot to the Brise chain.  The quick delivery speed, low gas fees and high speed of Bitgert can cause the SLOANA and CARDANO to face the brunt and can find it difficult to meet the competition. Thus, emerging as one of the biggest threats to the existence of SOLANA and CARDANO.